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Model number: IW-450S
Inner chamber dimension (mm): 450 x 430 x 450
Outer dimension (mm): 550 x 567 x 760
Convective system: Natural convection air jacket
Performance: Temperature adjustment range/room temperature + 5 – 80?, Time-of-arrival of highest temperature/60 minutes, Temperature distribution width/2? – 37? (value inside the warehouse without any load by our measurement method)
Function: Temperature control system: 3 steps PID control, SSR output, Timer function/time setting autostart, auto-stop, SV start, ON/OFF timer, Program function/temperature gradient program of maximum 16 steps 8 patterns, Safety device/overcurrent breaker, digital setting independent control function, burnout mechanism (heater is OFF when sensor is disconnected)
Configuration: Sheathed heater capacity/290W, Temperature sensor/platinum resistance thermometer Pt100? x 2 volumes (temperature control, excessive rise prevention for each 1 volume)
Standards: Chamber capacity/91L, Shelf pitch, number of steps/35mm pitch, 10 steps, Vent/?32mm x 1 piece
Exterior/interior: Steel melamine baking finish/stainless steel (SUS304)
Weight: Approx 30kg
Power supply: 100VAC 50/60Hz cord length 2.3m (3P plug)
Ratings: 3.1A
Accessories: Shelf board rail, shelf board x 2 sets
Steel type