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Model number: E830
Size: 230 x 150 x 55mm
Insulation resistance: Between each terminal and ground 20M¦¸ or more (DC500V)
Withstand voltage: Between power terminal and ground/AC1500V (50/60Hz) 1 minute, Between measurement terminal and ground/AC1000V (50/60Hz) 1 minute
Supported OS: Windows(R) XP/VistaTM/7 (32 bit only)
Power supply: 100VAC 50/60Hz
Power cord length: 1.8m (with 2P plug, conversion connector)
Power consumption: 10VA or less
Weight: 1kg
Measurement point: 6 channel
Input type: Thermocouple sensor (B, R, S, K, N, E, J, T), DC voltage
Measurement range: Thermocouple sensor/0 – 1760¡æ (R, S), 400 – 1820¡æ (B), -200 to +1370¡æ (K), -200 to +1300¡æ (N), -200 to +800¡æ (E), -200 to +1100¡æ (J), -200 to +400¡æ (T), DC current/-20 to +20mV, -60 to +60mV, -200 to +200mV, -2 to +2V, -6 to +6V
Reference junction compensation accuracy: R, S, B/¡À1¡æ, K, N, E, J, T/¡À0.5¡æ, only if sensor 0¡æ or more measurement, terminal temperature 5 – 40¡æ
Input connections: Terminal block screw stop method:
Minimum interval: 240ms (1ch) – 540ms (6ch)
Display unit: LED display device, power
Operation section: Power switch, communication speed setting switch (body rear panel)
Measurement settings: Measurement interval hour (cycle), data saving interval, measurement start time, measurement stop time
Measurement channel setting (6 channel)
Input range, data value scaling, tag (label), measurement unit
Type of saving data: Maximum, minimum, average or instant value
Alarm setting (2 pieces setting available)
Type of alarm: Upper limit, lower limit
Type of event: Start/stop of measurement/saving, time series calculation reset, display message
Accessories: software, RS-232C communication cable (for DOS/V)