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Model number: UDS-1V2 WP-6 (with test)
Test: Tested
Weighing method: Electric resistance line type load cell
Weighing capacity: 6kg
Scale interval: 2g (0 – 3kg), 5g (3 – 6kg)
Guarantee accuracy: 1/1500 (compliant with Japan Measurement Law New Rules (2000))
Maximum tare amount: 2990g
Display number dimensions: LCD (LCD display) 13.5 x 30mm
Display contents: Weight Display (up to 5 digits), Cell remaining amount sign, 0 point sign, Taring sign, Stable sign, Bar chart sign, Function sign,
Function: 0 point reset, One touch tare function, Auto-OFF function, Vibration removing function, Buzzer function, Determination time screen flash function, Multiple functions feature < quantitatively measuring function, Checker function, Rank sorting function > span adjustment function*, Use area correction function**Only for UDS-1VNWP
Option: AC adapter, Infrared communication unit Note 2, BluetoothTM (Radio) communication unit Note 2, 3, Rank addition/subtraction switching software Note 4, Multiple function determination accuracy switching function Note 4
Plate dimensions: 232 x 202mm
External dimensions: 242 x 292 x 122mm
Weight: Approximately 3.7kg (including dry cell)
Operating temperature range: -10¡æ to +40¡æ
Dustproof, waterproof: IP68 compliance
Power supply: D dry cell x 4 (included) Note 1, AC adapter (optional)
Battery life: Continuous approx 1400 hours (when using alkaline dry cell)
Note 1: Performance of a dry cell depends on manufacturer types, states of preservation, specification environments. Note 2: Either infrared unit or BluetoothTM unit is selected. Note 3: BluetoothTM is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG,Inc. Note 4: Factory option
Full waterproof type